Intermediate conclusion

Points for Problem No 10:


Ion Toloaca 3,330431
Nikita Sopenko 3,027665
Jakub Šafin 2,752423
José Luciano de Morais Neto 2,502202
Stefán Alexis Sigurðsson 1,948717
JUN-TING Hsieh 1,771561
Kohei Kawabata 1,61051
Nadezhda Vartanian 1,4641
SZABÓ Attila 1,188
Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho 1,1
Ilie Popanu 1
Cristian Zanoci 1
Dinis Cheian 1
Selver Pepić 0,9
Han Kheng Teoh 0,81
Petar Tadic 0,729
Ng Fei Chong 0,513417


Correct solutions (ordered according to the arrival time; best solutions in bold):

1. Ion Toloaca (Moldova)

2. Nikita Sopenko (Russia)

3. Jakub Šafin (Slovak)

4. José Luciano de Morais Neto (Brazil)

5. Stefán Alexis Sigurðsson (Iceland)

6. Jun-Ting Hsieh (Taiwan)'

7. Kohei Kawabata (Japan)

8. Nadezhda Vartanian (Russia)

9. Szabó Attila (Hungary)

10. Ng Fei Chong (Malaysia)

11. Selver Pepič (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

12. Petar Tadic (Montenegro)

13. Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho (Brazil)

14. Han Kheng Teoh (Malaysia)

15. Ilie Popanu (Moldova)

16. Cristian Zanoci (Moldova)

17. Dinis Cheian (Moldova)

The number of registered participants: 268 from 46 countries.


The following hints were given. On 1st July:

Study formula sheet (the latest version of it), pt IV-1 and IV-2. Note that "boring force" in IV-1 means a force which is applied to your rigid body, but you don't know its value and you are not asked to find it.

On 5th July:

Study the solution of the Problem No 3 from the Estonian-Finnish Olympiad – 2012.