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Results after Problem 3

The list of the contest leaders after the third problem:

Points No 1 No 2 No 3
Name Country School Physics teacher
7,5632 1,1 3,8694 2,5937   SZABÓ Attila Hungary Leőwey Klára High School, Pécs Simon Péter, Dr Kotek László
5,6695 4,8156 0,8539     Brahim Saadi Algeria Preparatory School for Science & Technology of Annaba Derradji Nasreddine
5,5041 1,6105 2,8935 1   Nikita Sopenko Russia Lyceum No.14, Tambov Valeriy Vladimirovich Biryukov
5,4546 1 1,7363 2,7183   Jakub Šafin Slovak Pavol Horov Secondary, Michalovce Jozef Smrek
5,4353 2,1436 2,2917 1   Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho Brazil Colégio Objetivo, Lins, São Paulo  
5,2722 1,1 1,5785 2,5937   Lars Dehlwes Germany Ohm-Gymnasium Erlangen Mr. Perleth
4,1679 1 0,81 2,3579   Ion Toloaca Moldova liceul "Mircea Eliade" Igor Iurevici Nemtov; Andrei Simboteanu
3,919 1 0,9703 1,9487   Alexandra Vasileva Russia Lyceum "Second School", Moscow A.R. Zilberman, G.F. Lvovskaya, G.Z. Arabuly 
3,7517 1 0,9801 1,7716   Luís Gustavo Lapinha Dalla Stella Brazil Colégio Integrado Objetivo, Barueri, Brazil Ronaldo Fogo
3,3137 2,5937   0,72   Dinis Cheian Moldova Lyceuum "Orizont", Chisinau Igor Evtodiev
3,3062 1 1,435 0,8712   Ilie Popanu Moldova Lyceuum "Orizont", Chisinau Igor Evtodiev
3,0746 1,6105   1,4641   Jakub Supeł  Poland 14th School of Stanisław Staszic, Warsaw Włodzimierz Zielicz
2,8424 0,8733 0,891 1,0781   Papimeri Dumitru Moldova Lyceuum "Orizont", Chisinau Igor Evtodiev
2,7105 1,1   1,6105   Kohei Kawabata Japan Nada High School  
2,5937 2,5937       Mikhail Shirkin Russia Gymnasium of  Ramenskoye  Petrova Elena Georgyevna
2,4738 1,7538   0,72   Cristian Zanoci Moldova Lyceuum "Orizont", Chisinau Igor Evtodiev
2 1   1   Jaan Toots Estonia Tallinn Secondary Science School Toomas Reimann
1,81 0,81   1   Bharadwaj Rallabandi India Narayana Jr. College, Basheer Bagh, India Vyom Sekhar Singh
1,6561 0,6561   1   Nadezhda Vartanian Russia Smolensk Pedagogical Lyceum Mishchenko Andrei Anatolievich
1,1     1,1   Krzysztof Markiewicz Poland XIV Highschool in Warsaw Robert Stasiak
1 1       Lev Ginzburg Russia Advanced Educational Scientific Center, MSU, Moscow I.V. Lukjanov, S.N. Oks
1 1       Sharad Mirani  India Prakash Higher Secondary School Ruchi Sadana, Sunil Sharma
1 1       Task Ohmori Japan Nada High School T.Hamaguchi
0,9801 0,9801       Mekan Toyjanow Turkmenistan Turgut Ozal Turkmen Turkish High School Halit Coshkun
0,8712     0,8712   Petar Tadic Montenegro Gimnazija ,,Stojan Cerovic" Niksic Ana Vujacic
0,81 0,81       Liara Guinsberg Brazil Colégio Integrado Objetivo, São Paulo, Brazil Ronaldo Fogo
0,81 0,81       Meylis Malikov Turkmenistan Turgut Ozal Turkmen Turkish High School Halit Coshkun
0,72     0,72   Rajat Sharma India Pragati Vidya Peeth,Gwalior Mr. Rakesh Ranjan
0,5648     0,5648   Lorenzo Comoglio  Italy Liceo Scientifico del Cossatese e Valle Strona Chiara Bandini

Points for Problem No 3:

2,7183   Jakub Šafin
2,5937   SZABÓ Attila
2,5937   Lars Dehlwes
2,3579   Ion Toloaca
1,9487   Alexandra Vasileva
1,7716   Luís Gustavo Lapinha Dalla Stella
1,6105   Kohei Kawabata
1,4641   Jakub Supeł 
1,1   Krzysztof Markiewicz
1,0781   Papimeri Dumitru
1   Nikita Sopenko
1   Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho
1   Jaan Toots
1   Bharadwaj Rallabandi
1   Nadezhda Vartanian
0,8712   Ilie Popanu
0,8712   Petar Tadic
0,72   Dinis Cheian
0,72   Cristian Zanoci
0,72   Rajat Sharma
0,5648   Lorenzo Comoglio 

Correct solutions (ordered according to the arrival time; best solutions in bold):

1. Lars Dehlwes (Germany)

2. Ion Toloaca (Moldova)

3. Szabó Attila (Hungary).

4. Alexandra Vasileva (Russia)

5. Luís Gustavo Lapinha Dalla Stella (Brazil)

6. Kohei Kawabata (Japan)

7. Jakub Supeł (Poland)

8.Papimeri Dumitru (Moldova)

9. Ilie Popanu (Moldova)

10. Petar Tadic (Montenegro)

11. Cristian Zanoci (Moldova)

12. Dinis Cheian (Moldova)

13. Bharadwaj Rallabandi (India)

14. Nadezhda Vartanian (Russia)

15. Nikita Sopenko (Russia)

16. Jakub Šafin (Slovak)

17. Krzysztof Markiewicz (Poland)

18. Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho (Brazil)

19. Jaan Toots (Estonia)

20. Comoglio Lorenzo (Italy)

21. Rajat Sharma (India)

Overall number of registered participants: 214 (from 38 countries).

Before the beginning of the final week, the following hints were given:

Few hints: you'll be ready to tackle the problem as soon as you understand how the basic formulae of the kinetic theory (formula sheet X-9) are derived; Wikipedia has good enough coverage. And, of course you need the definition of the net heat flux density: it is the difference between the incoming and outgoing thermal energies per unit time and unit surface area. Also, please pay attention that for a molecule, the round trip time (between the plates) is dominated by the period when its velocity is small. This is similar to what happens in a road reconstruction region: the distance between the cars in seconds (the number of cars per minute) remains the same as it was in high-speed regions, hence, the distance in meters will be much smaller (and the density of the cars will be respectively higher).


Jaan Kalda – Academic Committee of IPhO-2012

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