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Special prizes

Prizes of Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies

Jeevana Priya Inala, India
Hengyun Zhou, People`s Republic of China

Prize of European Physical Society
Attila Szabó, Hungary

Special Price for the Best Girl IPhO 2012
Alexandra Vassiljeva, Russia

Special Price for the best Estonian student
Jaan Toots, Estonia

Special Price for the best innovative solution
Lev Ginzburg, Russia


IPhO 2012 Special Prices

Special Prizes for the Best Solution of the Experimental
Christoph Schildknecht, Switzerland
Ivan Ivashkovskiy, Russia
Chi Shu, People`s Republic of China

Special Prizes for the Best Solution of the Theoretical
Eric Schneider, United States of America

Best in Experiment
Kai-Chi Huang, Taiwan

Best in Theory
Attila Szabó, Hungary

IPhO 2012 Absolute winner
Attila Szabó, Hungary

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